What do you see when you look at your kitchen? Does it have that wow factor or is it failing to impress? If you’re not too happy with your kitchen, you can give it an easy makeover if you simply redo the cabinetry. You don’t have to take out the old cabinets and buy new ones to put in. Maybe all you need to do to give your cabinets a face lift is to reface them! A simple refacing project can make all the difference. Follow these instructions for refacing Troy, MI, cabinets.

Assess the Cabinetry

Before you make any grand plans, look at your existing cabinetry and evaluate its condition. Know that refacing means taking out old doors and replacing them with a new veneer. The frame of your cabinets should be in good condition so they can support the new doors. Were the cabinets poorly installed? Are the cabinets falling apart? Are parts of the cabinetry rusting? Don’t just consider the condition of the cabinets. Ponder the layout of the kitchen. If there is a poor layout, know that making over your cabinets will not make a difference. So don’t waste your money unless you’re sure that refacing is what this kitchen needs. If you decide on refacing, then you should have a vision of what the new veneers will look like and how they will blend in with the kitchen. 

Reface the Cabinets

Once you’ve made up your mind and have your ducks in a row, you can get cracking on this project. First, empty out the cabinets. Next, remove the doors from the cabinetry by unscrewing the hinges. Take off the handles and knobs, too. As for the drawers in the cabinet, these should be taken out. Now start working on the doors of the cabinets. Get out a stripping chemical and apply it to the door. The packaging will inform you of how long the product must remain on the door. A paint scraper and steel wool will help you take off the top coating that used to be on the door. For the residue, wipe it away with a cloth. Then sand down the doors. You don’t need to apply a lot of pressure–only enough to take out the leftover bumps and stain or paint. You do not want to remove the wood. After you finish sanding, wipe down the wood with a tack cloth to dust off the particles. You’ll probably notice some holes in the wood that are not meant for the hinges or handles. These unnecessary holes need filling. Use a paint scraper to insert wood filler and smooth it out and remove the excess. 

Now you’re ready to prettify your cabinets. Many folks prefer a paint or stain to spruce up their cabinets. Use a foam brush to put on paint; a rag may be used to run in the stain. If you want to add further embellishments, use a small paintbrush. You’ll need a couple days before the cabinetry will dry and before you can apply  more coats. To seal these Troy, MI, cabinets and to prevent water damage, use polyurethane. 

When you find yourself with excess stuff that you need to find a safe place for, consider a self-storage facility like A-1 Storage Rental. They will have storage units of all sizes and for many different needs. There are formulas you can use to determine the correct size of storage unit you will need to fit your things in. Because you will be paying by the square foot, you don’t want to be paying for wasted space. If you plan to add more things in the future, you may want a storage unit that is a little bigger than you currently need. Some storage units are big enough to store a motor home or a large boat.

Self-storage facilities generally will have temperature controlled storage units available for people who need to keep their items at a certain temperature. Antiques, books, pictures, computers, paintings, family heirlooms that you want to preserve, wine, classic cars, cameras, audio equipment, historical family records, leather, and wax are examples of things that are best stored at a temperature that will preserve their integrity and prolong their life. When items are stored in units that aren’t temperature controlled, you will end up with yellow and degraded fabrics and papers. Mold and mildew stains will appear on fabrics and papers as they get cold and collect moisture. Some electronics will be ruined by the moisture that comes with very cold temperatures. Other items will warp and fade, and sound or image quality can degrade. Metal will rust and become corroded when it is exposed to moisture as well as high temperatures. When items are exposed to great fluctuations in cold and hot temperatures, they can tear, crack, break, and warp.

You will want your items protected from theft or vandalism, and the storage facility you choose should have their security system in good running order and positioned so that all the units are under constant surveillance. There should be video cameras at critical locations throughout the facility. Someone should be onsite at all times. A keyed gate will keep most unwanted visitors out. A storage facility located in a flood plain is probably not going to be able to protect your items in the case of high water or a river that overruns its banks. So, keep a safe and protected location in mind when you are looking at potential storage facilities.

Most self-storage facilities sell packing supplies like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and packing papers. If you don’t have a truck, you can borrow from family or friends, or the self-storage facility you have chosen may have a moving truck that you can rent to transport all of the items that you want stored to the storage unit you have rented. When you contact a self-storage facility like A-1 Storage Rental, they should be able to answer all of your questions and get you set up with the perfect storage unit for your needs. Your personal belongings are worth protecting, so finding the right self-storage facility is very important.

Transparent glass coatings and other window tinting options can provide major benefits to your home or business. It’s possible to install window tinting yourself, but for the best results you should always rely on an experienced professional. Window film can be applied year-round, as long as the temperature isn’t too cold. There are many options available on the market that can make your building more comfortable and energy efficient.


What Is Window Tinting?


Because glass is transparent, it does a poor job at blocking the transfer of heat. Window tinting simply adds a thin film on top of your window to reflect more light (and heat) back away from the window. It can be placed on just about any type of window in any location. In vehicles, this tinting usually makes your windows darker, and is regulated by local laws. For buildings, this reflective coating is generally clear, allowing visible light to pass through unhindered while blocking UV and other harmful rays. Other buildings may want tinted windows to limit visibility and increase privacy.


Benefits of Window Tinting


In addition to increasing the privacy and security of your building, window tinting can provide many benefits. UV rays from the sun can cause damage to furniture and floors that are exposed to it for long periods of time. Tinting drastically cuts down on cracks and fading caused by excessive sunlight. In addition, window tinting lets your building become much more energy efficient. Because your new windows will reflect more heat, they will keep your building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, while using less energy to power your heat and air conditioner. This will also make it much more comfortable for those inside. These same benefits also apply to a car with window tinting, as the windows will protect the interior vinyl, leather, and upholstery from sun damage.


Caring for Your Windows


Special care should be taken with transparent glass coatings and tinted windows so that they last as long as possible. Most tinted windows are resistant to scratches, but they are still susceptible to certain types of damage. Abrasive cleaning products and sticky substances like tape can damage the film and should be avoided. Keep your windows clean with a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth. If properly cared for, most high-quality window film should last for about ten years before it needs to be replaced. When this occurs, your contractor can simply peel away the old film and apply new film to the surface of your windows.

Not all San Francisco storage facilities are the same, and that’s something you should keep in mind when you look for one. Selecting the right facility will allow you to feel confident that your items are secure until you are ready to move them.


If you plan to go to the storage facility often, location is definitely something to consider. A facility located close to your home or business will save you a lot of time and gas money. If you are looking for long-term storage, then you shouldn’t have to worry as much about overall location.


However, you do want to use a storage facility that is in a good part of town? Look for one that offers excellent security. For example, is there a locked gate and a fence that surrounds the property? Is the area well lit, and does it have numerous security cameras in place to capture all activities? Some of the facilities have actual security guards on duty. Check out the durability of the doors on the storage units too.


It doesn’t make sense to pay for more storage space than you need. A lot of storage facilities offer small units, which are about the size of a walk-in closet. There are also those that are the size of a one-car garage and bigger. Evaluate how much room you need for your items and then find a storage location that can offer that unit size for you. If you think you may need more room later, get one that offers you some free space. Then you don’t have to move everything when you do have the additional items to add to the unit.


Comparing prices can help you save money on the same storage unit. Why pay $75 a month when you can pay $60 for the same size? Other factors, such as location, can be an issue, though. For example, you may not wish to make a 40-mile round trip to save that $15 a month on the cost of a storage unit.


If you follow these tips, you won’t have any difficulty with finding a San Francisco storage unit that meets your needs. Check online or ask your friends and family so you can get some leads. You definitely want to do business with a facility that has a good reputation.


1For piano lessons in DC, you want to find a good teacher, one that you click with, or you will dread your lessons. It is a good idea to talk to people you know who have taken piano lessons from local piano teachers and see who they like and why they liked them. You can learn to play the piano on an electric keyboard or an acoustic piano. The electric keyboards have a sound that is close to the acoustic, but not the exact sound. Different people seem to like either one for their own reason, so if you have the option of either type, you might want to visit a music store that sells pianos and try both out.  (more…)

Utilizing California self storage is an excellent way to get all the extra space you need without having to move to a bigger home or office. Seasonal equipment doesn’t have to hang around the house all year long. Downsizing doesn’t mean that you have to throw out everything that doesn’t fit. Going through all those boxes will happen someday, but they don’t have to sit in the garage or basement until then. These are just a few of the many uses for extra storage space. Even the most organized homes could use some extra storage space. Don’t hesitate to look into the available self-storage options because it could make a noticeable difference in your home. 

Organizing Your Space

De-cluttering and organizing the house is a great home improvement project and one of the most important ones. However, even experts say that it can’t be done in a day, or even a weekend. Take the time to organize properly and spread it out over a period of time. Meanwhile, an extra storage space can keep your belongings safe and secure. It takes more than just a good cleaning to create a logical and efficient organizational system, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a while. It’s also important to keep in mind that nothing will look perfect or pristine like organizational magazines want you to believe. It is possible to get your spaced organized; it just takes time, effort, and planning.

Finding Proper Storage

Most families will be able to utilize extra storage space, but it’s important to keep in mind that not all storage spaces are the same. It will take time to find a high-quality storage space for a reasonable price. Safety and security is one of the most important things to consider. It’s essential that your items will be secure from theft or damage. Additionally, it needs to be accessible for easy organization and movement. Read the fine print of the contract before signing to ensure that you are getting what you need. For example, some places require yearlong contracts while other places offer month-to-month agreements. Assessing personal needs and individual circumstances are important aspects of finding the best California self storage options available. 

Most people like the home they purchased, but plan to upgrade the place as soon as they have saved enough for renovations. Even if a house seems ideal at first, living requirements may change over time. Are you one of those proprietors eager to beautify or expand your living quarters now? If you are making essential preparation, do not forget to order portable storage in Las Vegas. Why is that necessary? Keep on reading.

No Damages

Removing furniture, decorations, and other room components from the work area keeps them safe. No matter how careful you or your contractor are, damages can always happen when a lot of work needs to be done. Keeping items in a safe, secure storage unit prevents mishaps. You can work freely without having to worry about your antiques and precious art.

Less Cleaning

Putting a cardboard box over a lamp or throwing a blanket over a couch seems like a good idea to limit dust spreading throughout the room. Unfortunately, the particles are so small and flexible that they will find their way through cracks and crevices. Dust particles move in all directions. Physical and electrical forces accelerate the process, which means that no matter how many precautions you take, you will still have to clean profusely once the job is done.

Easier to Work

It can be extremely frustrating when you have to paint walls and replace carpet, and you have to constantly move furniture around. It is a tremendous waste of time. Why not eliminate that stress, by putting everything that is situated within the work area into portable storage. If the container is on your property, you can access it any time you need something.

No Worries about Delays

There are many stories floating around about remodeling projects that did not pan out as anticipated. Instead of taking a month, the project lasted twice as long. Are you concerned that this may create a problem when you are renting portable storage in Las Vegas? Delays should not become an issue when renting your unit from a reputable company with various flexible solutions.

Living off-campus in UCM apartments is a popular choice for students that want to avoid living in the dormitory. While these living arrangements are popular it is important that students take certain safety precautions when choosing off-campus apartments. Promoting personal safety should always be the main priority of the student and the complex that the student chooses. 


One of the safety perks of living in a dorm is that the residences have certain safety measures in place mandated by UCM. This isn’t the case when you move off-campus. Before renting an apartment it is important that you pay attention to the following situations:

  • Are the doors to the apartments mounted securely? If doors are mounted incorrectly this could mean easy access for a criminal.
  • Do the doors have deadbolts? All exterior doors should be secured with deadbolts.
  • Is there adequate lighting in the exterior entry ways, hallways, and parking lots? Criminals prefer dark places where they are less likely to be seen.
  • Is the entry to the apartment free of overgrown shrubs or vegetation? These make wonderful hiding places and hinder your safety.


Unfortunately, most off-campus apartments tend to be in questionable neighborhoods. The reason for this is economical. Most college students are not making a lot of money at their part-time jobs. This means that the type of apartment they can afford is limited to lower income neighborhoods. Although lower income housing is what many students have to choose from that doesn’t mean that there aren’t better options than others. When scouting a neighborhood make sure that it is in a populated area.

  • Is there a lot of foot traffic? Secluded neighborhoods are not the best choice for young students living alone. 
  • Are there other students around? Some off-campus apartments rent to non-students. Look for a complex where the majority of the renters are students.

If you can’t find housing in a neighborhood that feels safe, you might want to consider looking at higher price apartments in a different neighborhood and consider finding a roommate, or two, to help deter the costs. 

When renting UCM apartments also let your instincts guide you. If the complex feels unsafe do not rent the apartment. Bring your parents along to help you decide. They have experience and an investment in your safety. They will help you find an apartment that gives you the freedom you desire, while helping you maintain your personal safety.

Before you buy a garage door opener it is important that you research your options. Companies that provide garage door openers and installation in Fishers, IN, can help you with this research. They will guide you to ensure you pick a garage door opener that is safe, efficient, and fits within your budget. 

Safety Features

A garage door opener does more than lower and raise your door so you don’t have to lift a finger; it provides you with safety and security. As far as safety is concerned the opener you choose should automatically detect if something is underneath the garage door. This is done using sensors that are installed on either side of the door. If your car or another object is blocking the sensors the garage door will not shut all the way. This protects your car from getting accidentally damaged and also protects small children and pets who attempt to run underneath a door while it is closing.

Security Features

Nearly all openers come with an outside code box. This code box is meant to be a convenience to homeowners, but it can be a convenience for thieves too. When purchasing a garage door opener be sure that the code box has a rolling code option. This makes it harder for intruders to break the code and enter your home.


Garage door openers come in all price ranges. The more features you want the greater the cost. The cost can also be affected by the size of your garage, whether you have one or two bays, and the power or drive of the unit. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive unit to get high quality results. What matters is how much you are comfortable spending. When you sit down with a company that provides garage door openers and installation in Fishers, IN, they will go over your budget and the features you want to help you find the perfect opener for you. 

Your jet ski may encapsulate the spirit of summer, but summer can’t last forever. In these cases, you’ll need to put your jet ski away for another year.

Before rust and other damaging effects of age destroy your prized possession, make sure you know how to properly store your jet ski. When looking for jet ski storage in Reno, make sure to perform the following four steps before packing away your jet ski. Proper precautions will ensure your jet ski lives to ride the waves again, and for many summers to come.

1. Drain the Engine

The most important thing you can do for your jet ski is to drain the water from the engine. Do this while your jet ski is tilted on the trailer during loading. The bow will be higher, making it easier to drain the engine.

Start by starting the engine and turning the handle back and forth. Repeat this several times, until all water is gone from the engine. Don’t let the engine run longer than 20 seconds at a time, or it could overheat.

2. Properly Wash and Dry the Jet Ski

Before you put your jet ski away for the winter, wash and dry it properly. Make sure to remove any algae or grime that may have collected during the summer. Pay particular attention to the hull, as well as the interior and exterior of the jet ski.

If possible, lightly coat the metal of the jet ski with multipurpose lube oil prevent rusting.

3. Fill the Gas Tank

Filling the gas tank before you put your jet ski in storage may seem counter-intuitive, but it prevents condensation that can occur during storage.

Once you’ve filled the gas tank, top it off with gas stabilizer. Run the engine for 30 seconds several times to spread the stabilizer. This ensures your gas tank will stay in good condition and prevents condensation that can lead to rust.

4. Take Care of the Spark Plugs

To properly treat the engine, take care of your jet ski’s spark plugs. Remove the spark plugs and make sure the wires are grounded. Then, spray fogging oil into each hole and cover them with a rag. Before replacing the spark plugs, start the engine several times and allow the oil to spread internally. Clear the oil and then put the spark plugs back. This ensures your engine stays safe and effective, and decreases fire hazard.

Finding a Storage Unit

When searching for jet ski storage in Reno, look for a storage unit with proper facilities and decent, affordable rent. Ask the managers if they store items like jet skis to be sure it’s a good home for your jet ski.

Check out customer reviews and complaints on the Better Business Bureau profiles as well to make sure you’re making the right decision. Over time, you may even consider building a storage shed or unit yourself.